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Frustrated With Your Game of Golf?

Do you find yourself constantly feeling disappointed and frustrated when you play golf?
Have you put a lot of time, money and effort into improving your game and yet you are still not achieving
the results you want?
Are you still confused over misleading and contradictory advice?
Would you like to be able to switch off from your own negative self-talk and be able to find all the confidence
within yourself to PLAY GREAT GOLF?

The 6 CD Set ‘Drive Your Way to Golfing Success’ will do just that!

What you need most is to be shown how to build your confidence quickly and with minimal effort so you can start to see results INSTANTLY!

This 6 CD Series will answer the 6 MOST ASKED QUESTIONS when it comes to your game of golf.

Listen to the CD’s on your way to your way to play and you will not only learn the Secrets of ‘How to Think Like a Champion Golfer’, but you will have the confidence and knowledge to apply them to your game.
Each CD will progressively train the most important tool you need to play great golf – THE MIND!
All you have to do is put them into your CD player in your car and LISTEN! This 6 CD Series will help you to ‘Create the Game of Golf You Have Only Ever Dreamed About.’
“Learn what 95% Golfers don’t know BUT NEED TO!’

This pocket guide to the mind introduces the golfer to some of ‘the best secrets’ to playing golf with a positive mind-set? In addition, the knowledge of how to use these secrets will also provide you with a whole new positive outlook on your game, helping you to regularly play much better golf.

Gail Smirthwaite is a Confidence Coach and has worked alongside US Open Golf Champions and amateurs alike. She places a great deal of importance on having a balanced combination of good playing skills as well as a confident mind-set. In this book she shares with you her ‘Seven Secrets’ that when combined with an ability to play well, will improve not only your score card, but also your enjoyment of the whole game.

Dear Fellow Golfer,

This CD set includes the VERY BEST tips and tools that I have used in the past ten years of being a Golf Confidence Coach and answers the most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS when it comes to playing golf with confidence.

I know that the content in these CD’s is just priceless. For either you, or the golfer in your life, this is a perfect addition to help them to success on their golfing journey.

I hope to help you with your journey to becoming a more accomplished and confident golfer,


Gail Smirthwaite

FOR A LIMITED TIME THE 6 CD SET ‘Drive Your Way to Golfing Success’

IS JUST £19.99 (plus £2.99 p & p)
including the book 'The 7 Secrets of a Highly Successful Golfer'

This CD series is great to play in your car on the way to the Golf Club. Each CD has short tips and tools that fit in easily to any length journey; so that you arrive in a really positive mood and ready to play your best game of golf ever!

CD1 - ‘How To Get Into A Great Mind Set BEFORE You Get to The Course’

This introductory CD has 5 sections to help you to think and feel fantastic BEFORE you step out of your car at the Golf Club. This is a great all-round ‘feel good’ CD if you want to create a general feeling of well-being and positivity and arrive at the first tee full of confidence!

CD 2 - ‘How To Overcome First Tee Nerves’

I know this is an issue that bothers so many amateur and professional golfers alike. Stepping out on that first tee can often seem like a really BIG DEAL! In this CD we will take a look at some great tips that will help you to overcome the anxiety that this can create.

CD 3 – ‘How to Break 30 Putts With Confidence’

This FANTASTIC four step approach will really help you with any anxieties that stepping out onto the greens can create; from short putts, to long putts … to the Yipps. The ‘FOUR STEPS’ mental approach will walk you through creating the BEST PUTTING MENTALITY possible. And enable you to hole that putt when it REALLY MATTERS no matter what the situation.

CD 4 – ‘How To Concentrate For 18 Holes’

So many of you write to me with problems surrounding ‘concentration’ and ‘focus’ so in this CD you will receive GREAT TIPS on HOW TO CONCENTRATE when it really matters. Being able to switch off that ‘mind chatter’ during your swing is one of the most valuable skills you can ever learn to help you play great golf. This CD will deliver that and more!

CD 5 - ‘How To Relax and Have Fun’

RELAX – it’s just a game! Yes right!!! Mentally and physically golf has all the components to turn a relaxing and fun day into a nightmare. In this CD we are going to help you through how to THINK and FEEL in a more relaxed way that will create an effortless and easy swing technique. You will also learn how to identify the triggers that create stress and nip them in the bud BEFORE they even take hold.

CD 6 - ‘How To Play In The Moment’

This is the GREATEST GIFT of all. If you can master how to play in the moment then you will be one step closer to being able to turn ON and OFF your mind creating the best possible place for your mental state by ‘playing in the zone’. This will change your game of golf forever!


This Sensational Resource ‘Drive Your Way to Golfing Success’ 6 CD Set Is Available For You to Purchase NOW and will be with you within 3-5 WORKING DAYS!

FOR A LIMITED TIME THE 6 CD SET ‘Drive Your Way to Golfing Success’

IS JUST £19.99 (plus £2.99 p & p)
including the book 'The 7 Secrets of a Highly Successful Golfer'

About Gail Smirthwaite – Golf Confidence Coach

Gail Smirthwaite has been helping golfers of all levels of skills to achieve their potential with specialist golf mind coaching.

Gail gave up a successful career in media and marketing to add to her existing Bachelor of Arts degree and return to University to specialise in Counselling and Coaching; a chance request whilst studying, to coach a professional golfer on motivation and self-belief issues, propelled her into a niche area that she has now made her own.

Gail states; “I wasn’t sure how my style of coaching would work in this environment; at the time I did not play golf, but I soon realised that how we play golf is very much about how we see ourselves in life. Golf is all about CONFIDENCE. The golfer who had only recently turned professional was scoring exceptionally well on practice day, but on competition day he was scoring so badly he couldn’t even make the cut. I coached him over a few days and filled with new confidence and self-belief he made his next cut.”

After this success word of mouth brought Gail new clients and she decided to concentrate her energies on building a golf confidence programme; which has seen many amateur and professional golfers not only improve their handicap or tournament play, but also to become more confident off the golf course too.

Now a recreational golfer herself, Gail is also became committed to encouraging more ladies to play golf. Gail also presents talks at Golf Clubs all around the UK on the subject of how to get a confident mind-set for golf. She helps by giving men and women golfers tips and tools to help them to play more consistently, with confidence and above all else to help put the FUN back into their game.

Gail has written for many National and International golf magazines over the past ten years, appeared on sports panels with the likes of Tim Henham, and on Chris Evans Radio 2 Show; a trainer for the PGA, and working with Alison Nicholas, speaking both nationally and internationally, have been highlights for Gail.

Many will agree that to play great golf 70% is about mental attitude this is where Gail can help!

"The mental side of golf can never be underestimated – blend the physical and mental aspects of the game and you will gain control, relax and enjoy your golf.

Gail’s coaching is a simple and effective strategy and will transform your performance."

Alison Nicholas, MBE, Former Golf US Open Champion and Captain of the UK/European Solheim Cup team for 2009/2011.

"I am unsure whether the continual interruptions from fellow players are from kindness or not, but I have found these very off-putting – until today when I turned the situation around, and successfully put a stop to it!

I am listening to the 6 CD Set ‘Drive Your Way to Golfing Success’, and so far, so good.

I honestly believe that going through and using the tips on the CD’s again and again, and ‘taking them with me’ when I drive to play are going to be a continued valuable tool. Thanks Gail!"

Emma – Bushey Hall Golf Club

Alan had one to one coaching with me over a 12 month period I asked him to let me know what he had got out of the coaching process. This is what he sent me …

"I was already improving as a golfer when I first came to Gail having reduced my handicap from 28 to 22 thanks to an excellent golf teacher. However, as my technique began to improve I realised that if I wanted to become an even better player I still needed to deal with my mental approach to the game. Why didn't I feel confident with certain clubs? How could I prevent one bad shot from affecting the whole of my round? Why did I turn up to competitions wishing I were somewhere else?

Coming to Gail for coaching was a smart move; I stopped letting the odd bad shot bother me, I started to look forward to playing competitions and, generally, began to enjoy the game more. All in all, I now have a much more positive attitude when I'm on the golf course and that is largely down to Gail and her coaching methods"

Alan knocked 10 off his handicap in one season. He was a 28 handicap who came down to 18 using a combination of lessons from his Golf Pro, practice, and positive mind coaching lessons with Gail!

FOR A LIMITED TIME THE 6 CD SET ‘Drive Your Way to Golfing Success’

IS JUST £19.99 (plus £2.99 p & p)
including the book 'The 7 Secrets of a Highly Successful Golfer'